Nov 01, 2020

Why brands compromise on fit
(and why we never will)

Perhaps one of the most difficult clothes to make for curvy and plus size women is jeans. With so much diversity out there (yay!), it's virtually impossible to come up with one fit for all. If you think about it, that makes sense, because there are women with thick legs and a small waist, women with small legs and a thick waist and pretty much every other possible combination inbetween.

Most brands have come up with a fit that compromises as much as possible by using a lot of stretch. And that is perfectly fine, if that's your thing than go for it honey! At Fox Factor, we chose a different path. We wanted to focus on making the best fit possible for a very common problem: having a gap at the waist. That makes our jeans perfect if you have a straight or more bottom-heavy figure, because we can guarantee you 100% that you have never felt this kind of tailoring in jeans. This also means we don't have to use as much stretch, because our fabrics are perfecty tailored to begin with.

And yeah, we're not gonna lie: this is a bit of a risk. Because we don't do hyper-stretch denim, there is a possibility we can't offer the perfect tailoring for your body (yet! we're working on it). Rather than having every woman say "meh", we wanted to take a risk with our tailoring and get "omg, this is THE BEST JEANS EVER" response. Not just customers, but fans. Women who don't want to settle for anything but perfection, who deserve the very best fit. Women like you.

As we continue to grow our brand, we want to expand our perfect fit even further. The perfect fit for those glorious apple-figured women out there. The perfect petite fit. The perfect tall fit. We hope you appreciate us taking this risk by giving us patience, because whatever your shape: we're coming for ya!