Nov 01, 2019

There is no such thing as a Fat Tax. Or is there?

Fox Factor is a brand that celebrates plus size women in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, bigger women (and men) are still a bit taboo and almost everything that happens in the plus size industry is controversial. There's even a never-ending debate about whether we should be using the term 'plus size' or not. Call us chubby or bottom-heavy, we don't really care.  We have other concerns. What about the lack of representation of thick thighs and well-rounded hips in the mainstream media? Or what about the constant backlash brands get for 'promoting an unhealthy lifestyle' when they finally have the courage to use a curvy model? It could never be us!

Is this another fat shaming tactic?

Yesterday we got featured in an article that talks about brands who charge more for their plus size ranges. The use of the so-called "Fat Tax" receives quite some backlash online. Is this another fat shaming tactic? People are right for questioning why fuller figured women have to pay more for their clothing. Rest assured, at Fox Factor we don't charge more for bigger sizes, and we never will. Our main focus is to make women feel as comfortable as possible when wearing our jeans. That's why we spend a lot of time adjusting and perfecting our different styles. We will never compromise on fit and neither should you.

We aim to set a fair and affordable price so everyone can enjoy that Fox Factor-feeling. Yet it is true that bigger sizes cost more. The problem is that the 'Fat Tax' is used by fast fashion brands who have an unrealistic standard anyway. If people would know the real cost of the clothes they are wearing, they wouldn't support these brands and they would stop existing. It really is up to the customer to buy from the brands they believe in. Are the values of the brand aligned with yours? Money is energy, spend it wisely. The decision is yours.