Apr 01, 2020

How to style your NIKI

Last month, we launched our new skinny fit and these babies are going fast! NIKI is already a bestseller and we agree: it's our best skinny yet. Want to know why? The combination of the high-waisted fit and the right amount of stretch gives you maximum belly support and comfort. Your jeans stay in the same place: bye bye pulling up your denim every five steps. We also made them a bit narrower at the bottom to achieve your favourite skinny look. NIKI is available in several washings. Not convinced yet? Maybe our styling tips will help you make the right decision.

Our number one rule for wearing our NIKI is adding a smile. Smiling is super important and adds that little extra to every outfit. You can see Foxes Yasmine and Julie give the right example. We design jeans for your curves and a smile is probably the best curve there is. Next to your booty, of course!

If you added a smile to your outfit we can start thinking about the tops you can wear with your jeans. Since it is a skinny fit, these jeans are perfect for showing off what you've got. Therefore we love to combine our NIKI with shorter elegant tops and blouses. No more hiding your tummy or bootie. Pro tip: add a little pop of colour by choosing a bright red or a soft pink.

Even with a simple black top and a good-looking jeans, you can either make it sporty chic or super upper class. It all comes down to your footwear choices. Are you more a sneaker kinda gal? Or do you love elongating your legs by wearing super high heels? The choice is up to you. Just don't forget: stay wild, look great and rule the world in the best jeans you'll ever wear.