May 01, 2020

Fox Factor review:
the jeans you should really try

This week, the gorgeous Marianne Nykjaer reviewed our new NIKI Skinny Fit and we're happy to share her findings with you.

You all know me as a dress and skirt enthousiast and not gonna lie: I love a good dress. Still, I really am into jeans as well. You don't see me wearing a pair of jeans that often but that's only because I find it so hard to find a good fitting one. And I'm not the only one. I hear so often hear about women's struggle with finding the right pair of jeans. I can always find some pair of jeans that are just not the right ones and in the past that was what I would settle for. However, I promised myself that I would never again buy clothes that aren't a 100% perfect fit. I'm done with spending money on clothes that don't fit me as they should or that irritate me when wearing them.

Anyway, the only jeans brand that I really like is Fox Factor. I got a pair of Fox Factor jeans a few years ago and I wrote a review about them back then as well. However, I didn't fit in their biggest size anymore so there I was again without any jeans to wear. Last month, Fox Factor dropped a brand new collection and made some adjustments to their sizing and fabrics. So I thought it this was the perfect time for a new review.

What makes Fox Factor so awesome?

Well, all problems I've experienced in the past with other jeans, I don't have with Fox Factor jeans.Let me take you through a few of those problems (enjoy, 'cause you're gonna know exactly what I mean).

Wrong proportions between upper legs and waist
. I always had to buy my jeans in a bigger size so they would fit around my upper legs which left me with huge waist gap. Very annoying. Fox Factor was designed with curves in mind, so say goodbye to the dreaded waist gap. When wearing a pair of Fox Factor jeans, there's not the slightest bit of a waist gap. These jeans fit flawlessly around my thunder thighs ánd fit perfectly around my waist.

Too stretchy. This is a controversial one, cause we all like stretch don't we. Just so comfy. That being said, I own a lot of jeans that are too stretchy showing every lump & bump on my body. My body shapes the jeans. When wearing Fox Factor jeans, it's the other way around; yes, these jeans are stretchy but they're also firm enough to shape your body. When wearing any other jeans, my belly is very visible (not that there is anything wrong but I personally like to have a bit of support around the tummy-area). A pair of Fox Factor jeans provides more structure and support. On the picture below you can see the clear difference between Fox Factor jeans and any other jeans brand.

Not a nice shape around the butt. While I don't particularly have a pancake butt, I have noticed when wearing other jeans my bottom seems 'wider' and 'flatter'. This is because other jeans brands don't take into account the shape of a plus size ass. In most cases, your butt will be squished and look like a pancake instead of giving you that nice butt shape we're all looking for. You better believe I want my million squat exercises to pay off! Fox Factor jeans lift and shape. Not just because of the curvy fit but also thanks to the fabrics they use.Below is a picture showing the difference between Fox Factor jeans and jeans from another brand. Need I say more?

Saggy jeans. You buy a pair of jeans, try them on and they look pretty good. One day later, your jeans looks like they're at least a size bigger and the shape has completely disappeared. Ugh. Fox Factor jeans never lose their shape. Not even when you've lived in them for more than a week (because yes, I did that).

Not high-waisted. Especially at the back but it's always a problem. I really don't like low-waisted jeans. It just doesn't feel right, sits right under your belly and it really annoys me all the time. When I buy a high-waisted jeans then I expect it to be hígh-waisted, especially at the back. One of Fox Factor's key features is their high-waisted fit. They fit high at the front of your tummy and even higher at the back. Say goodbye to pulling up your jeans every five steps. These jeans just fit like a glove.

What's new in the new collection?

If you've worn a Fox Factor jeans before, you already know that the fabric was not that stretchy and their sizes were pretty small. With this new collection, they added extra stretch to the jeans and they have adjusted their sizes. And on top of that they've added an extra size to the new collection. For their previous collection, I didn't even fit in a size 52 anymore. However, for this collection, size 52 fits me perfectly ánd they even added size 54 as well. Just perfect!

Practical info

For the time being, Fox Factor only offers length 30 and 32 in their collections. My experience with the lengths of the jeans is that they size pretty long. I'm 1.85m tall and I have long legs and length size 32 is more than long enough for me. So don't get spooked when seeing their length sizes. Shipping is free and returns are €6 unless you want to exchange your order, then returns are free of charge as well. By the way, Fox Factor is a Belgian brand so no worrying about receiving your package from a far-away country.

The new styles are called NIKI and they're available in black and blue. If you're worried about selecting the right size, have a look at the size chart below and focus on your waist measurements. The jeans will stretch perfectly around your hips anyway. It's also a matter of preference, I like my skinny jeans to fit tightly. If I compare my measurements with the size chart, I'm somewhere between size 52 and 54. Since I like my jeans a bit tighter, I chose to stick to size 52. If I want the jeans to fit a bit more loose, I could opt for size 54.

And yes, they're a bit more pricey (€79,95 and €89,95) but do the math in your head and count how much money you've already spent on jeans that actually weren't that good. Guaranteed that you will have spent a lot more than that. I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to spend a bit more on 1 amazing pair of jeans that will last me a long time instead of 2 meh-jeans that I will need to throw in the garbage bin after 5 months.

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